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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANTHONY, Alfred Lloyd  6 Jul 1889Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9185
2 ANTHONY, Clara Elizabeth  12 Jul 1889Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2000
3 ANTHONY, Helen Ilene  24 Dec 1922Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I14849
4 ARNER, Buelah  06 May 1887Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6102
5 BAILEY, Harry C.  23 Jan 1898Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9123
6 BAILEY, Hilton  Sep 1924Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9085
7 BAILEY, Norma Jean  28 Feb 1938Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9093
8 BECKNER, LaClair Franklin  04 May 1896Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7613
9 BECKNER, William F.  02 Jan 1928Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7615
10 BENNINGER, Florence Alice  16 Nov 1891Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7021
11 BEST, Thelma Louise  2 May 1941Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I15321
12 BISH, Gladine P.  27 Dec 1932Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8937
13 BOLTZ, Barry P.  3 Jun 1933Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I15382
14 BOLTZ, Yvonne Eileen  9 Aug 1927Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I16218
15 BOWSER, Dennis Calvin  30 Jul 1940Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6168
16 BOWSER, Milton Reed Sr  03 Jan 1931Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I513
17 BROCK, Hazel Mary  4 Jun 1898Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7325
18 BROGAN, Carol Ann  5 Oct 1937Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I15383
19 CARMICHAEL, M. Jean  19 May 1927Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10314
20 CARMICHAEL, Marian  4 Jun 1930Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I14007
21 CARNAHAN, Anna Lucille  29 Jan 1925Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I66
22 CARNAHAN, Anna Mary  18 Feb 1907Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I274
23 CARNAHAN, Donald Ralph  05 Mar 1915Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2086
24 CARNAHAN, Edgar Eugene  15 May 1919Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I275
25 CARNAHAN, Ella Mae  15 Mar 1909Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I276
26 CARNAHAN, Fannie Evelyn  25 May 1927Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I102
27 CARNAHAN, Gladys Ilene  22 Sep 1922Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I95
28 CARNAHAN, Harry Taylor  29 Jun 1921Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1158
29 CARNAHAN, Hazel Gertrude  21 Mar 1911Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2090
30 CARNAHAN, Marilyn Louise  03 Jun 1930Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2085
31 CARNAHAN, Robert Edgar  8 Aug 1922Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2083
32 CARNAHAN, Twila May  03 Sep 1908Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1154
33 CARNAHAN, Wayne Leroy  23 Jun 1946Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9265
34 CARNAHAN, Wilda A.  25 Aug 1909Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2089
35 CARNATHAN, Garrison Lincoln  9 Jun 1935Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I84
36 CARNATHAN, Paul Leroy  5 Jan 1930Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I105
37 CLARK, Samuel A.  03 Aug 1913Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6424
38 CLARK, Victor E.  24 Aug 1902Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I15660
39 CONNER, Allan C.  12 Aug 1944Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10674
40 CRAIG, Connell F.  05 Sep 1935Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5086
41 CRAIG, Mary Helen  25 Aug 1927Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8893
42 CULBERTSON, Bernice E.  19 Feb 1927Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I11147
43 CULBERTSON, Ronald Clair Jr.  24 Dec 1936Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I18034
44 CURRY, Dorothy C.  24 Oct 1937Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10925
45 EARLEY, Ralph Emerson  17 Mar 1900Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9656
46 FLICK, Clarence Hull  17 Oct 1900Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7570
47 FLICK, Clifford Ardell  08 Sep 1923Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1101
48 FLICK, Edward Merle  17 Dec 1882Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6101
49 FLICK, Ethel Vioce  19 Aug 1906Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6073
50 FLICK, Mary Frances  21 Aug 1926Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1621

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice May  21 Oct 1931Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I12971
2 ANTHONY, Clara Elizabeth  06 Feb 1952Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2000
3 ANTONACCI, Maria Doenica  27 Jan 1965Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9886
4 ARNER, Buelah  26 Jan 1963Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6102
5 BAILEY, Clarence R.  18 Dec 2010Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I13110
6 BAILEY, Hilton  10 Apr 1925Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9085
7 BAILEY, Kizzie Elizabeth  31 Jul 1960Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9124
8 BAILEY, Sandra Ann  20 Dec 2014Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I408
9 BISH, Earl Albert  07 Nov 1968Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8721
10 BLISS, Elmer J.  3 Apr 2013Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I13058
11 BOWSER, Clarence Henry  19 Oct 2013Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6133
12 BROCK, Phoebe Ellen  29 Mar 1925Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2082
13 BROTHERS, Harry F.  22 Feb 1936Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7458
14 CARNAHAN, Edgar Hart  05 Jan 1959Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I201
15 CARNAHAN, Samuel Dale  14 Mar 1970Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I111
16 CICCIARELLI, Adam Carl  14 Aug 1987Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9883
17 CICCIARELLI, Jonathan Carl  27 Jan 2006Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9891
18 CICCIARELLI, Louis  09 Mar 1996Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9894
19 COACHMAN, Frank A.  10 May 2001Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7498
20 COLWELL, Hardy Allen  14 Aug 2005Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5872
21 CONNER, Claude Lester  04 Feb 1963Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4888
22 CORLE, Charles Ernest  09 Jan 2002Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4846
23 COWATCH, Anna B.  20 Apr 2004Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10352
24 COWATCH, Lucille  14 Sep 2016Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I13073
25 CRAIG, Anna Vera  30 Nov 1999Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6222
26 CRAIG, Connell F.  23 Sep 1942Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5086
27 CRAIG, Herman Elliott  04 Aug 1986Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1672
28 CRAIG, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jan 1960Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9536
29 CRAIG, Robert W.  18 Jun 1960Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2793
30 CULBERTSON, Connie Eileen  20 Jan 1939Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6852
31 CUSTER, Michael James  8 Sep 1956Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I12047
32 FLICK, Edward Merle  6 Jan 1967Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6101
33 FLICK, Virginia  9 Feb 2011Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6085
34 FREEMAN, Nellie Mae  15 Feb 1953Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I535
35 FRITZ, Jean  4 Oct 1985Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I13175
36 GEORGE, Paul Milton  29 Dec 2010Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10312
37 GEORGE, Royd Eugene  31 Jan 1996Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10331
38 GEORGE, Velma B.  23 May 2007Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2166
39 GILES, Bertha L.  17 Jun 2000Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10196
40 GOODMAN, Brenda J.  26 Feb 2015Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I12096
41 GOODMAN, Joann I.  14 Aug 2009Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10600
42 GUNTRUM, Agnew Augustus  14 Mar 1976Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1687
43 GUNTRUM, Chester E.  19 Jan 1969Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I882
44 HARRIGER, Pearl Susan  25 Jan 2008Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6285
45 HAWK, Chambers  20 May 1931Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I3009
46 HAWK, Daniel R.  20 Oct 2009Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I11062
47 HAWK, Frank Elmer  18 Sep 1962Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6652
48 HAWK, George  04 Jan 1897Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6952
49 HAWK, Sandra Louise  22 Oct 2014Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I3153
50 HENRY, Martha Louise  17 Feb 1922Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6705

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARGER, Jesse Rimby  20 Mar 1987Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4544
2 BARGER, Ralph C.  02 Jan 1951Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4555
3 BASHLINE, Raymond Milford  21 Apr 1989Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8079
4 BECKNER, LaClair Franklin  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7613
5 BECKNER, William F.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7615
6 BEHAM, Elsie J.  20 Aug 1980Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8737
7 BENNINGER, James  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6962
8 BEST, Alice L.  10 Feb 2003Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4386
9 BISH, Bernice E.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6712
10 BISH, Earl Albert  10 Nov 1968Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8721
11 BONNETT, George Addison  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7948
12 BONNETT, Henry George  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5068
13 BONNETT, Howard L.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7954
14 BOWSER, Mary Caroline  18 Nov 1984Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4595
15 BOWSER, Michael Allen  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6140
16 BROCK, Ressie Idella  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7665
17 BUZARD, Ara Minda  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4788
18 CAMPBELL, H. Bruce  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I8081
19 CARNAHAN, Wilda A.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2089
20 CICCIARELLI, Adam Carl  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9883
21 CICCIARELLI, Jonathan Carl  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9891
22 CLARK, Mary Louise  10 Aug 1988Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7363
23 CLARK, Samuel A.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6424
24 COACHMAN, Robert L.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7492
25 COLWELL, Herman Adon  15 Mar 1993Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I985
26 CONNER, Robert L.  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I10654
27 CONNER, Violet Marie  01 Sep 1995Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4896
28 COPPICK, Albert Ross  20 Jan 1971Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4549
29 COPPICK, Anna L.  13 Dec 1904Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4547
30 COPPICK, Pearle E.  23 May 1988Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4543
31 CRAIG, Anna Vera  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6222
32 CRAIG, Cecil Charles  27 Jul 1988Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I3796
33 CRAIG, Connell F.  26 Sep 1942Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5086
34 CRAIG, Hazel Olive  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9076
35 CRAIG, Jessie Irene  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I3753
36 CRAIG, Nancy Lee  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6223
37 CRISSMON, Grace L.  18 Feb 1997Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5937
38 CULBERTSON, Connie Eileen  22 Jan 1939Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6852
39 CULBERTSON, Mary Jean  11 Jan 1984Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7299
40 CULBERTSON, Raymond William  01 Apr 1984Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6853
41 CULBERTSON, Raymond William  09 Jan 1986Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4385
42 CUSTER, William Howard  01 Mar 1968Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6276
43 DAVIS, Audrey Jane  22 Apr 2005Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9863
44 DAVIS, Dinger  29 Jul 1941Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4596
45 DIVINS, Grace  09 Dec 1999Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9409
46 DOUTT, Nannie E.  01 May 1922Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6932
47 DUNN, Hazel  23 Jan 1979Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I7614
48 DUNN, Kizzie Bell  30 May 1969Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6926
49 ELDER, Blanche Myrtle  05 May 1980Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5104
50 ELDER, Frances  12 Jun 1985Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I5105

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CARNAHAN, Charles Franklin  02 Jan 1920Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I261
2 HAWK, Dale H.  05 Jan 1920Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I4810
3 HAWK, Ralph R.  02 Jan 1920Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I6580
4 MORTIMER, Clyde C.  03 Jan 1920Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I2021
5 RANDOLPH, Frank Ross  02 Jan 1920Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I1752
6 RANDOLPH, James Israel  02 Jan 1920Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 CARNAHAN, James William  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I196
2 CARNATHAN, Paul Leroy  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I105
3 CICCIARELLI, Adam Carl  Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA I9883


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOYLES / YATES  27 Aug 1954Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F313
2 CARNAHAN / FALCONER  08 Jan 1945Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F2883
3 CENTORCELLI / SNYDER  05 Nov 1951Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F1405
4 CLARK / RUSH  24 Feb 1950Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F5179
5 MACKINLAY / HARRIGER  19 Feb 1949Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F2009
6 MORTIMER / MAGEE  13 Aug 1919Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F1163
7 NOLF / SALVO  31 May 1980Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F1666
8 PIFER / LAUGHLIN  26 Feb 1994Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F3105
9 SWARTZ / MORTIMER  23 Aug 1941Rimersburg, Clarion Cnty, PA F3420